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“I attended the Creative Dynamics course with Tim Marris in October 2011. I had been off work with work related stress for a month and was looking for new ways to approach work and life and to find a better balance between them. The course was brilliant and helped me understand how I could help myself with this by applying the creative dynamic techniques and creating balance in my life. Since then I have used the techniques to self heal, to manage events in my life and achieve new goals. This has resulted in my pain disappearing and my return to work. I have also learnt how to look at events differently so they don’t become problems I can’t deal with. But more amazingly, I have now secured a fantastic new job with one of Europe’s leading conservation organisations. Without learning the techniques I wouldn’t have had the balance and calm assurance to go for the interview and show off my potential. Meeting Tim and attending his course is the best thing I’ve done this year. I will continue to use the techniques on a daily basis to make sure I continue to approach things in a calm and assured manner in the future.”

– Jenny Wain – RSPB NW Futurescapes Senior Conservation Officer.

“I have more than achieved my financial goals since working with Tim Marris and look forward to a continuing professional relationship.”

– Robert Crawford Different Strokes

“These (CD4DC courses) have given me much insight into my work and given me the tools to take me to the next level. They were very powerful courses and would highly recommend them.”

– John Sutherland Managing Director Strategic Resource

“This course (Creative Dynamics workshop) allowed managers to rationalise some previously confusing behaviours which are affecting the organisation. Having clarified the nature of this behaviour it has become easier to deal with the associated issues. On a personal level our delegates feel more resilient in dealing with workplace ambiguity”

– Trevor Ford, Lead Associate, Unisolutions, University of Cumbria.