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About Us

Using a combination of well-established and proven techniques, CD4DC has produced a simple yet effective programme for business organisations to reduce stress in the workplace and so improve productivity and profitability. Its two directors, Tim Marris and Steve Ward have brought a wealth of specialist practical and business knowledge to this critically important area for all organisations, large and small.

Tim Marris:

Tim is an international lecturer and leading authority in health and wellbeing in the workplace with over 40 years of clinical experience in the sector. He has adapted these well-established and proven techniques to provide a much-needed solution to the spiralling costs of conflict, absenteeism, staff retention and recruitment, time management and a stressful workplace environment.

Steve Ward:

Steve has over 30 years operational and strategic management experience in a variety of business sectors including business consultancy, executive coaching and board management. He has extensive experience in the private, public and third sectors, in particular education and housing and over the years has been engaged in numerous senior operational and strategic management projects where specialist skills were essential to their successful completion, for example where restructuring and service improvement were needed. The knowledge and skills required to work at such a senior level ensure that the CD4DC programme conforms to a very high level of business health and wellbeing through these programmes.

Having applied these approaches extensively across the globe, we are now making these valuable methods available in the UK.

We can also measure the business impact for you so that you will see demonstrable effectiveness to your business success.