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Co-ordinated, Connected, Committed

Module 2 – Resolving Problems

Resolving problems and gaining an understanding of motivation

This course builds upon the Creativity & Well Being course, and you learn how to turn a problem back into an event. An event only becomes a problem when negative emotions become associated with the event. This course enables us to remove the negative associated emotions, thereby freeing the mind to develop solutions and positive ways forward.

Conflict Resolution

Also on the “Resolving Problems” course, you will learn how to reduce personnel conflict in a powerful way. The methods you will learn, result in greater harmony and cooperation both in the boardroom and in management situations. When your boardroom or department is in a high level of cooperation and harmony then ideas can be explored openly without inappropriate negativity, stress or hindrance.

Leadership Skills

With the “Resolving Problems” course, you will also learn what drives and motivates both our and others actions. This knowledge further enables us to improve work relationships and to develop high level leadership skills.

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