Creative Dynamics 4DC Limited

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Module 1 – Creativity & Wellbeing

When our creativity is low, we struggle to find solutions or feel pressurised to come up with new good ideas. All organisations arose as a result of one person’s creative thinking (see article on main menu) which was developed and resulted in the organisation as it is today. It is the thinking of entrepreneurs and executives of today that need high levels of creativity to ensure success for the future.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) now clearly acknowledges that stress is the main cause of absence at work. Stress and tension leads to ill health which if allowed to persist leads to short and long term absenteeism.

Creativity & Well Being – this powerful one day course develops our creative thinking and enables us to reduce existing physiological and psychological stresses, which inhibit our creative thinking and will help to reduce staff absenteeism. Psychologists estimate that we only use a tiny fraction of a true potential. This CD4DC module shows you methods to un-tap and utilise more of your real potential.

This one day course is the fundamental course which when completed, the powerful “Resolving Problems” and “True Time Management” courses can then be taken. It is strongly recommended that all three courses are taken to gain maximum benefit of the Creative Dynamics programme.

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