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Distance Coaching

Distance coaching by telephone and email.

CD4DC executive coaching is available – wherever you are and usually at a time to suit you

By working with you online, by email or on the telephone, we can take you through a complete coaching programme, just as if you were in the same room together. Your coach will set you exercises related to the particular issue that you are working on. You Skype, FaceTime or e-mail to review the results and then you and your coach discuss the matter just as if you were together.

So what are the options for distance coaching?

We can design an individual programme for you based around the following processes: –


  • Telephone at agreed times. 30 minute discussion supported by exercises.
  • Instant messaging at agreed times. Just the same as a telephone call but no cost. Just type messages back and forward – a digital conversation!
  • E-mail. Take your own time. Work when you want to and your coach will reply.
  • Whichever suits you best, you can be sure that your coach will take you through a structured coaching process, helping you to set and achieve positive results.
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