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What is creativity and why do organisations need creativity?

Creativity is the source of our success in business. Every company, no matter how large, was started as a consequence of a creative thought by its founder(s). Company failure is frequently due to lack of creativity to solve problems as (or even before) they arise. The story of Henry Ford having this creative inspiration to make car transport easily affordable is legendary. A similar creative thought made Bill Gates tell IBM he could develop their data operating systems – even before intellectually, he knew how to do it! This became MSDOS and resulted in the formation of Microsoft Corporation, and all that has followed for this iconic company.

It is vital to keep that same creative thinking active in your key personnel to maintain your company’s ‘cutting edge’ and have the ability to develop new and alternative solutions to problems. Creative Dynamics programmes will help you to achieve this.

What blocks creativity?

Overload, stress and tension block creativity. If your company is under stress, then various individuals will be under significant pressure to protect it. This pressure will stimulate action as these individuals are expected to come up with solutions to the crisis. In other words, they will be expected to express creative thinking and create new ways of operating to remedy the situation. If the pressures become excessive for an individual then that person’s ability to access their creative thinking becomes more difficult. At this point the individual may start to develop degrees of anxiety. This is also the point at which colleagues may notice a lack of previous success and ability. These factors further increase the stress to the individual until it becomes a de-motivating and unpleasant situation. If the situation persists, health issues can develop causing further stress and anxiety, resulting in costly absenteeism and decreased workplace efficiency.

Creative Dynamics programmes develop creative thinking and reduce the stress and tension of your key personnel in both work and personal life, allowing you to maximise your organisation’s human resource to its full potential.

Tim Marris DO MSCC


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