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Time Management

Module 3 – True Time Management

This course which can be taken after the previous two courses have been completed, offers a unique approach to time management and has a very powerful method to reducing time pressure. The CD4DC approach enables [… Read More …]

Problem Resolution

Module 2 – Resolving Problems

Resolving problems and gaining an understanding of motivation This course builds upon the Creativity & Well Being course, and you learn how to turn a problem back into an event. An event only becomes a [… Read More …]

Distance Coaching

Distance Coaching

Distance coaching by telephone and email. CD4DC executive coaching is available – wherever you are and usually at a time to suit you By working with you online, by email or on the telephone, we [… Read More …]



Developing Creativity and Human Resource. What is creativity and why do organisations need creativity? Creativity is the source of our success in business. Every company, no matter how large, was started as a consequence of [… Read More …]