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Executive Coaching

Our exclusive range of one to one and team coaching packages are available to suit both individual and corporate needs.

Coaching is a process that can be offered in different forms and to suit different environments. We can work with individuals or teams on your own premises, convenient other venues, online (via conferencing, Skype, Face-Time), or by telephone and e-mail.







The CD4DC basic corporate coaching package includes:

  • Intake meeting – Meet the prospective coachee and their line manager (if they have one) to agree the broad scope and outcomes of the coaching. Agree the collection of information through 360° feedback, interviews, psychometric assessment, and existing performance reviews
  • Provision of a personalised workshop and progress folder to contain all skills notes, exercises, goals, achievements and feedback.
  • 4-6 one to one coaching sessions of 90-100 minutes, monthly or timetabled to suit the coachee. Informal telephone support.


Executive coaching packages

  • Executive coaching: One to one ‘performance coaching’ is accepted as being the best way for organsations and individuals to improve performance.
  • Executive coaching for directors: Executive coaching for directors and boards aims to bring out the best in individual directors to enable the board to work better as a team.
  • Distance coaching: If you are a distance from your coach or wish to work in your own time, then we can support you by working with you online or using the telephone or e-mail…
  • Team facilitation: Coaching in its role as facilitator is particularly valuable during budget and strategy planning sessions. Coaching a team before a presentation can dramatically improve performance – as well as help with team member’s self-confidence.
  • On-line coaching resources: Learn how to set a well formed outcome or check your competence in personal effectiveness, managing communications, managing people, your effectiveness as a director, or review the corporate culture of your organisation. Both the process and the computer-generated feedback will contribute to your self-awareness.


For more comprehensive details of our Coaching Packages CONTACT us now on 07387 586766 or 07886 606235

Executive work shadowing

Individual or team support through observation of meetings, management or business activities or whole day work shadowing. Incorporating real time feedback coupled with action learning.

Team diagnostic

An integrated approach to assessing the processes and dynamics of your team and laying the foundation for a performance improvement programme.

  • Independent review of the team and individual profiles
  • Review of job descriptions in the context of the organisation’s mission and strategy
  • Powerful individual feedback

Presentation skills coaching

Effective presentations are increasingly important with seniority. They require a clearly identified purpose, a strategy for achieving that purpose, and preparation and practice. Business presentations, media appearances, interviews, talks, lectures and writing require communication skills. Different occasions require different strategies.

Learn how to manage the environment, build rapport, structure the presentation and deliver. See yourself as others see you!

All coaching is custom designed to suit: –

  • Informal introductory workshop for 10-12 people
  • Small group presentation skills coaching
  • Team coaching for any specific purpose – use your coach to help prepare for that winning presentation

Coaching for line managers

Full day workshops for line managers designed to improve their interpersonal and communications skills and to introduce a coaching approach to management.

  • Setting well-formed outcomes – the essence of coaching
  • Communicating with others
  • Communicating with self
  • Corporate leadership and management

Other services that CD4DC can provide:

  • Keynote Speakers
  • Business support groups (SMEs)
  • Facilitation and team development
  • Scenario planning/PEST analysis
  • Business presentation coaching
  • Conflict resolution/mediation

For comprehensive details of all of the above CONTACT us now on 07387 586766 or 07886 606235

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