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Business Coaching

Our CD4DC Business Coaching package is truly adaptable across all types of businesses.

We have a wide range of experience at all levels across many business sectors and are really keen to get to know your people and support them as they support your business.


The common thread uniting all types of coaching and mentoring is that these services offer a vehicle for analysis, reflection and action that ultimately enables your staff to achieve real business success in one or more areas of their professional lives.

Personal (one-to-one coaching) helps you to develop your organisation and your personal skills to the maximum. CD4DC coaching develops your creativity and reduces stress to a minimum, bringing about health and wellbeing, and maximising your business success.

  • Personal coaching and training in unique CD4DC techniques for those who have attended the CD4DC 3 day workshops. These coaching sessions can help you maximise the creativity developed from having attended the workshops and help to ensure the development of your full potential, free from stress.
  • Advanced NLP based coaching.
  • Looking at your specific issues as they arise in your business.

CD4DC’s Coaching Excellence programme can help your organisation create a truly strong coaching culture which will ultimately drive improved business performance.

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