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Health & Wellbeing

The Creative Dynamics 4DC Health & Wellbeing programme offers a unique approach to reducing workplace stress and creating a workplace culture of harmony, creativity and success, because it has evolved from 39 years of enquiry and observation by an osteopathically trained clinician.

Do the following affect you and your team on a regular basis?

  • impossible deadlines
  • overwhelming responsibilities
  • stressful challenges
  • problems with work relationships
  • supervision issues


Does your organisation suffer from?

  • reduced productivity
  • increased mistakes and errors
  • internal conflict
  • grievance and disciplinary incidents
  • sickness and absenteeism
  • low morale and negative atmosphere
  • poor customer services and quality
  • resignations and job terminations
  • poor employer reputation

Albert Einstein said:

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

By looking at business stress from the outside, we have developed solutions which are unique and powerful and they succeed where others fail because they are designed to work at the level of the individual’s awareness within the organisation, not by changing policies and regimes from above…


The Creative Dynamics4DC (CD4DC) approach

After an initial assessment of your organisations needs and requirements, you will be taking the modular programme of learning. There are currently three separate modules which need to be taken sequentially, as each will build on the previous module. Each module includes elements of self-learning and application. We also recommend CD4DC coaching sessions at regular intervals to ensure maximum benefit from the programme is gained. At these coaching sessions participants get help on using the methods they learned, about specific events/ issues in their current work /home life (issues at home do influence the way we are at work and vice versa). The CD4DC approach, being holistic in its underlying principles, will benefit all aspects of your life, even though taken as a workplace wellbeing programme.

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